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Designer is destructive with respect to unknown elements

Question asked by rpomeroy on May 19, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 16, 2012 by vicziani
I used the web based modeler to create a test process that uses the experimental Message Start Event construct.  When I open the diagram in Designer it nukes things [in bold] like

<message id="newInvoice" name="newInvoiceMessage" />

<process id="invoiceProcess"> 
    <startEvent id="messageStart" >
        <messageEventDefinition messageRef="tns:newInvoice" />

Granted these are in the experimental category - but as a rule the editor seems to nuke pretty much anything it doesn't directly support - and the Signavio Modeler's palette is full of things that the Designer has no direct equivalent for. 

I'm quite new to all this but I was under the impression one could start with the Modeler and then use the Designer to add the technial integration, and that one should be able to "round-trip" between the two without losing anything.

What's the current suggested usage/workflow between these tools? Do I need to add extension to the Designer to keep it from wiping out content?