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How to write a task work as Group Review

Question asked by rogerofyan on May 21, 2012
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  I got a process as below,[attachment=0]group_review.png[/attachment].
The "Review Task" is assigned to mulitiple candidates, and the process should reach "Document Approve" node only when all the candidates of "Review Task" approved. I call it as "Group Review".
  How could I describe this kind of task in the xml, and process it with activiti API?

  I found a sample process definition in the Eclipse new  dialog called "Pooled Review and Approve Activiti Process", which I think it maybe what I'm searching. But I don't understand it exactly, since there are some variables not documented such as ${} and ${wf_reviewOutcome == 'Approve'}.  And I don't know how to have it running by Java code, as it only generate xml not Java.