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Exceptions and troubles when using time cycles

Question asked by billbaroud on May 30, 2012
Latest reply on May 31, 2012 by billbaroud
Hi Activiti users :)

I'm trying to use Timer Catching Events with time cycles and I'm getting a lot of exceptions and problems :(

For example, I implemented a very simple example of a workflow displaying on the standard ouput the current time every minute on the 30th second (the corresponding time cycle I used being R/2010-01-01T12:00:30Z/PT60S). I wrote a unit test that deploys this workflow and starts it 4 times, just to see if the correct output is coming.

I attached the workflow XML file and its picture, the JAVA unit test file and the output I get when running the test (with and without the exceptions).

I get the following problems:

- A lot of exceptions are raised (see stacktrace_with_exceptions.txt)
- The timers are not always fired on the 30th second of each minute, they are sometimes too early or too late (see stacktrace_no_exceptions.txt)
- Sometimes, only 2 or 3 of the 4 timers are fired (see stacktrace_no_exceptions.txt)

Of course I always clean the whole Activiti database before starting the test and I make sure that no other process is accessing it.

Am I doing something wrong ? Did someone already have problems with these timers ?

Thanks a lot :)