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Call activity (but not a subprocess) multiple times

Question asked by lars1 on Jun 5, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2012 by urgelacko
I have the following activiti flows:

'mainflow' will call 'default-process' twice (using Call Activiti, not subprocess). Once with an input param 'type-a' and once with the param 'type-b'
The default-process will execute a few steps, and then call another activiti based on the value of the input param. Thus, the first instance of 'default-process' will call 'process-type-a', the second one will call 'process-type-b'

When I test this flow, the second call seems to fail (the one that call 'process-type-b'). Instead, it executes 'process-type-a' again, but when I debug and look at the value of the input var when the process 'default-process' is executed, it says it has the correct value : 'type-b'

Any suggestions why this is, and how I can correct this?