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List Task of a Process

Question asked by lucastdcj on Jun 7, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 23, 2012 by vire7777
Hi all,

I would like to list all task in a process, more precisely I have one process and the final task is set the result in a website. So if some step is failed in the path I need to set failed in the website and if everything is right i set true in the website. The problem is that when it fail it stop (and I need it) so I don't arrive to the last step which is set the true/false value in the website.

So after:
" ProcessInstance process = runtimeService               .startProcessInstanceByKey("myprocess"); "

I need to check if the bpmn file have the service task "update site" and if the process didn't finish correctly I need to take the properties of the task "update site" and run this task.

So basically I need if the process didn't finish correct:
* List all task of a process to know if "update site" exists
* Take the properties "activiti:field" of this task
* Force the run of this task with this properties

Thank you for your attention,