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When use Oracle database there is a query bug

Question asked by chaoyy on Jun 6, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2012 by frederikheremans1
I make a HistoricTaskInstance query by HistoryService:

List<HistoricTaskInstance> doneTasks = historyService.createHistoricTaskInstanceQuery()
When I use InMemory(H2) database, the query is OK, but When I use Oracle10, it will error:"ORA-00918".
I found that, the two query conditions processUnfinished() and orderByHistoricTaskInstanceEndTime()  can not occurs simultaneously.
So I add the table abbreviation prefix for the START and END variable in HistoricTaskInstanceQueryProperty class:

// To avoid the ora-00918 error:
START = new HistoricTaskInstanceQueryProperty("HTI.START_TIME_");
END = new HistoricTaskInstanceQueryProperty("HTI.END_TIME_");

The table abbreviation prefix is found in "db/mapping/entity/HistoricTaskInstance.xml" file.

After that, The query in oracle will be OK.

I hope Activiti developer can solve the bug for oracle database.