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Hello, Pablo Ganga Here

Question asked by pganga on Jun 22, 2012
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Greetings everybody,
I've a decent experience in bpm tools (aqualogic (not Oracle BPM), Jboss and now activiti).

I believe Activiti is a really great tool and what I like most is that is very easy to use and developer oriented.

As part of our product we are using activiti as our BPM engine, thanks to us now activiti is the facto tool supported by Enterprise Architecture in out company. As part of this I detected a lot of areas where I can contribute, for example:

- Timers and task expiration.
- Enhance spring Integration (we use spring a whole lot).
- pick up some bugs, docs and forum queries too.
- Any area where I can contribute.

Jira issues created by me: (patch provided).

Look forward to working with you all.
Pablo Ganga.

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