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Logic seperation

Question asked by mikepoole on Jun 25, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 25, 2012 by mikepoole
I am currently evaluating Activiti (and BPMN in general) for our organisation and was wondering if I could ask 2 general questions with a view to just getting a pointer about WHERE it is best to put the logic (bean, Java task, BPMN etc)?

Users have asked the following questions about any possible technical solution…

1 - Within Activiti, where would you control the checks to see if a task can be completed? (ie: the task cannot be completed unless there is a value in an external field/user is not in a certain security group)

2 - Can you set a task to not be allowed to be completed manually? (ie: the user cannot press "Complete Task" in Explorer as the task can only be completed by an external process(i know, we will not be using Explorer upon deployment, but as an example))

Many thanks for your time as always