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Using non-persistent variables in workflow execution

Question asked by aglaser on Jun 22, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2012 by aglaser
I have a workflow which has some wait points (receive tasks). I resume the workflow calling:

  RuntimeService.signal(String executionId, Map<String, Object> processVariables);

As a process variable I pass some input data and after the method returns I like to get back the same variable calling:

  RuntimeService.getVariables(String executionId);

Activiti seams to persist always all variables. For my case this is not neccessary - and not just a performance issue but also in case of serialized Java objects an update problem if those objects are saved in the DB. I have not found a way to mark a variable as non-persistent but an old topic which has been answered as: "not implemented yet".

So, do I have missed something in the documentation or is Activiti still not supporting non-persistent variables?
If this is not support is this feature plannend for a specific version of Activiti?

Of course I can use something like a ThreadLocal but I don't like this approach. It is implicit parameter passing.

I am open for every input/idea.
Thanx, Andreas