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Help generating valid bpmn20.xml using activiti-modeler

Question asked by shbeita on Jun 24, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2012 by fmpdmb
I'm trying to integrate Activiti as our BPM tool.
The idea is to five an external tool to the customers by default to generate the process definitions, and I thought we should use activiti-modeler since it web based and easy to use (for non technical users).
The problem is that i can't generate files and use them directly in the explorer. I must change the files manually in order to successfully deploy using activiti-explorer.
I need at least to change the following:
1. add the activiti namespace to the file: xmlns:activiti=""
2. change the isExecutable=ture instead of false
3. add activiti prefix to all activiti elements

Any idea how can i make the modeler works properly?

BTW using the designer works great , but we can give an eclipse plugin as a tool to customers.