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Task Forms Usage: getRenderedTaskForm vs FormProperties

Question asked by inbrain on Jun 26, 2012
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I'm in need of an expert advise in regard to the post topic.
Activiti UserGuide mostly describes task form definitions via Form Properties, but on the other hand while reading through REST API I found another choice - to request forms with getRenderedTaskForm

After brief look through tests I found usage of 'form files' to render pages for entering user task data. Test files suspiciously contain 'deprecated' word.

Approach with using TaskForms in contrary to using FormProperties appeals to me more than Form Properties if such form files can be versioned along with process definition itself.

So my questions are:
1. Where can I find more detailed explanation of the TaskForm approach?
2. Is that approach deprecated?- if so it probably either should not be mentioned at all in docs or mentioned with deprecation warning

in documentation for 5.9 and the one for 5.10 in activiti trunk there is a hint for looking up ..getTaskService(.getRenderedTaskForm(…) but Task Service doesn't contain this method, instead FormService does so it probably should be fixed either only in 5.10 docs or if it was changed earlier in published manual as well

Thank you in advance