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Task titles don't fit in the diagram task boxes

Question asked by nandofm on Jul 2, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 2, 2012 by nandofm
Hi all,

I've been searching here but I wasn't able to find the solution to this problem. Maybe it's easy, I hope you can help me.

When I use the following sentence to display to the user the diagram, it is different than the one generated from the Activiti Designer. The task titles don't fit in the task diagram boxes and for the users it's a bit confusing to understand the process flow.

ProcessDiagramGenerator.generateDiagram(pde, "png", runtimeService.getActiveActivityIds(pid) //pde: ProcessDefinitionEntity, pid: Process Instance ID

Is there a way to display the full task title in the boxes? Otherwise, is there a way to display the same diagram image generated by the designer showing in red the current task?

Thanks in advance