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myinstances feature

Question asked by pavan.bukka.ait on Jul 3, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 6, 2012 by pavan.bukka.ait
   We have developed an application using spring framework and integrated with activiti framework for implementing work flows,  things are going fine but our problem is ,in activiti-explorer2.0 project which comes from activiti distribution there is a feature for users to see their process instances in myinstancess tab by which they can understand at what stage their process is. in our application we have used jsp ,html and tiles for userinterface development how we can give the myinstancess feature which is their in  activiti-explorer project.PFA the document for the user interface we want to develop, in the picture u can see process is in first stage we want to give the same kind of feature in our application where the ui technologies we have used specified above.

Thanks in advance.
Bukka pavan kumar.