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added shape not visible

Question asked by pascal1 on Jul 5, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 12, 2012 by pascal1
i just wanted to add a custom shape to the palette but it doesn´t work. I created a class that extends 'AbstractCustomServiceTask', build the jar an added it to the Library 'Activity Designer Extensions' that i have created before. After that i closed all diagramms, opened one, but no new shape was visible. Also restarting eclipse didn´t help.
First I was using INDIGO Eclipse Jave EE, after reading some threads in the forum (Problems with different Eclipse-Versions occured) i tested the same things with the newest classis Version and an old Version (3.6.2), but both with the same result. My created Shape isn´t there in the Palette.
What other possibilities do I have for getting my created Shape into the palette?

Thanks for your help…