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problem with release strategy

Question asked by m2spring on Jul 11, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 20, 2012 by m2spring
Hi Tijs,

I'm working on an integration of the Activiti engine with Jenkins in form of a Jenkins plugin (
This integration allows to define Jenkins job "orchestrations" as BPMN workflows.
For the authoring of these workflows I rely on Activiti Designer in Eclipse.
A custom designer extension is part of my effort.
To make it easy for a Jenkins admin to author his workflows I want to bundle the Activiti Designer together with my designer extension (plus one additional Eclipse plugin) and ship it with my Jenkins plugin.
The admin would then simply install all of this into Eclipse by accessing a URL of his Jenkins instance and Jenkins would serve out the update site.

Now here's the problem:
Basically every time a newer version was released, it's not available on the Maven repository
At the same time, the update site has only the latest version.

This makes it very challenging to build my Jenkins plugin against a well-defined Activiti Designer version,
so that I have a designer extension used with the same Designer version as it was built against.

Do you see a way this could be improved?
E.g. if there were fixed version update sites, e.g., I could build my Jenkow update site against it.

And of course, having each Designer release available in the Maven repository would be very helpful too :-)

What do you think?
Thanks a lot!