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Connect a mySQL database

Question asked by pkruch on Jul 17, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2012 by pkruch

I have designed a simple process under activiti (start event –> taskuser1 –> taskuser2 –> end event).
In the taskuser1, I have a form with some form properties.
When I deploy my process under activiti explorer, it works fine with the form.

But, my next step is : take data form a mysql database and display it into a form property.

How can I do that ?
I tried to add in Preferences –> Data Management –> Connectivity –> Driver Definitions my jdbc driver and it's ok.
But when I right click on my project in the activiti Explorer and choose New –> Other –> Connection Profile and try to add a connection, It doesn't work.
Is it the best way to take data from a database and inject them into a form ?

I try since yesterday but no way to do that.

Thanks for your responses