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Difference between designer and generated image

Question asked by blezek on Jul 19, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2012 by blezek

  Not a huge problem, but our graphical representation of a workflow is different in the designer and a generated image through our web page (see snapshots below).  The image as a PNG using this call:

            InputStream definitionImageStream = ProcessDiagramGenerator.generateDiagram(processDefinitionEntity, "png", runtimeService.getActiveActivityIds(processInstance.getId()));

We get the same result using this call:

      ProcessDefinition processDefinition = repositoryService.createProcessDefinitionQuery().deploymentId(deployment.getId()).orderByProcessDefinitionName().asc().singleResult();
      StreamResource diagram = new ProcessDefinitionImageStreamResourceBuilder().buildStreamResource(processDefinition, repositoryService, this.getApplication());

Here is a comparison of Eclipse (left) and our web page (right):


Again, not a big deal, but would be useful to see if the boundary condition was a timer or an error.