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making the engine, embedded in own application, start dialog

Question asked by claz on Jul 19, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 19, 2012 by claz

I am trying to integrate the activity engine in our own Java application, which is pretty simple thanks to the helpful user guide and lots of blog posts.
But now I arrived at the advanced part:
A user claims a task (within a view  in our application), which he then sees in his own tasks. Then he starts to work on it, which opens up a dialog from our application (served with additional data through e.g. variables). When he is ready with his work, the task will be completed.
Which strategy would be best to make activiti start the application dialogs?
First I thought 'a delegate, that is really nice. I can handle the startup this way', BUT this delegate starts a thread, which is waiting for completion (if I properly understood). So Service Tasks do not seem to be the proper solution. But which alternative do I have? Implementing my own FormEngine maybe?

On the other hand Service Tasks are the only kind of tasks which can be customized for Eclipse Activiti Designer. This is hopefully no showstopper, because I planned to provide certain customized types of tasks (e.g. 'finance backend') where you just have to define the name of the dialog and candidates. After my first researches concerning this point I am a bit worried..

Any advice would be helpful.
Thank you very much in advance.