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Making activiti-explorer accessible via proxy server

Question asked by dinesh1 on Jul 31, 2012
I trying to make the activiti-explorer deployed in tomcat server to access via apache web server.
I tried all possible proxy configuration to make it work.Since activiti-explorer application is developed using VAADIN java frame work,the proxy configuration doesn't behave as expected.Please kindly let me know if any one tried and succeeded.Please let me know the configuration that works. Below is the configuration i used

        ProxyPass /VAADIN http://<IPAddress>:8090/VAADIN
   ProxyPassReverse /VAADIN http://<IPAddress>:8090/VAADIN
        ProxyPass /APP http://<IPAddress>:8090/APP
   ProxyPassReverse /APP http://<IPAddress>:8090/APP
   ProxyPass /activiti-explorer http://<IPAddress>:8090/activiti-explorer
        ProxyPassReverse /activiti-explorer http://<IPAddress>:8090/activiti-explorer