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Unable to deploy a bpmn20.xml file

Question asked by ioana on Jul 31, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 9, 2012 by ioana

I'm trying for some days to test my application and I'm not able to deploy my diagram. I don't receive any errors at deployment, but when I try to start the process, the engine isn't able to find the process key. I've verified and no process definition was indeed deployed.  I've tried using the
@Deployment(resources ="")

annotation, I've also used
<property name="deploymentResources" value="classpath*: …" />
in the configuration file or even

I don't know what the problem can be. Maybe is the structur of the application. The configuration file is in first.prototype/src/test/resource/test-context.xml, the process definition in first.prototype/processes/first.prototype/first.prototype.bpmn20.xml and my test class in the test/java.

If anyone can tell what I'm doing wrong I would be very grateful