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How to resolve variables outside process context

Question asked by newbbie on Aug 2, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 16, 2012 by newbbie
I am implementing a "Global Variable" which could be outside the process context and it is not like the process level "global variable" as mentioned in Activiti.

1. I created a resolver api (based on this post, just to resolve the global variables passed through contexts other than "process context", ex. from a UI context. But from bpmn file perspective, I don't see any difference for the resolver to resolve when parsing the global variables vs the local variables? since they are already inside the bpmn file, so they are under the process context, correct? If not, please explain.
2. if they have difference, how can i identify with the resolver (or please suggestions), this variable is global, not local? I am using some naming convention with a prefix "global_"?
3. after i identify that it is a global variable, i was suggested by a coworker, i need to create an interceptor in package org.activiti.engine.impl.persistence.entity.VariableScopeImpl, to check if the variable is global variable, call GlobalVariableResolver in getVariable(), otherwise, no interruption to the method - default to local variable resolver?

Thank for your help in advance.