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cancelActivity=true not working for service tasks

Question asked by tcarl on Aug 3, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2012 by tcarl

I have a service tasks that waits for a synchronous response to come back. If a timeout is reached (timer boundary event), I want the subprocess to be canceled (cancelActivity=true).
I already found out the hard way that the boundary events don't work on service tasks, so I wrapped the service tasks in a subprocess scope.
Still the service task execution is not getting cancelled although the time boundary event is triggered. I was expecting that the service task thread (async=true) is getting signaled.

My questions:
- Is support for boundary events on service tasks planned?
- The fact that the service task thread continues to run, is that a bug or a feature?
- Is there a way to store an error code in process variables? I would like to have a catch-all for errors happening in the process and create a notification with that error code.