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Activiti Eclipse Designer - Repository for Variables

Question asked by wolfzwolf on Aug 8, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 27, 2012 by wolfzwolf
Hi, as as workflow designer I am primarilly interestesd in good usability for modelling.
Therefore I would like to have some kind of repository where I can 1) define global parameters such as variables used in processes, forms and stuff for reusing them and 2) use that repository for all processes I want to use on my wf-engine.

It is quiete annoying always to configure form every time from the scratch (ok, copy and paste of a form including its parameters would do but I still couldnt manage all parameters globally for my project). Is there any solution for that implemented already?

Im am not a software developer, so I am rather looking for a ready-to-use-solution for the eclipse-activiti-designer.
Any ideas?