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Activiti 5.10 released

Question asked by tombaeyens on Aug 10, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 13, 2012 by pneudecorb
We just released Activiti 5.10 and it's another big milestone for the project:

* Serious performance improvements: See Joram's blog The Activiti performance showdown ( for the amazing details
* Tijs' book Activiti in Action ( published by Manning came out!
* Added support voor bpmn message start event
*  Added capability for clients to validate a user's rights to start a process
*  Added support for nested sub-processes and embedded subprocesses in designer
*  Added support for catching intermediate and boundary message events
*  Bug fixes and various smaller improvements. Check out the Release notes for more details

Kudo's Daniel Meyer, Frederik Heremans en Joram Barrez for achieving the major performance improvements.

Big thanks to Camunda for contributing many improvements and fixes in this release.

Congrats to Tijs for pulling off the book and the Activiti Eclipse Designer improvements.

.Hurrah and Huzzah!.