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simulating receivetask + signal activiti (step)

Question asked by workflowuser2 on Aug 14, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 15, 2012 by workflowuser2
Goal: to be able to run multiple instances of a call-activiti or subprocess is a separate java thread.


I observed the following issue with async-continuation + call-activiti loop:

start -> serviceTask1 -> loop Call-Activiti -> end

The above does not result into "multiple-threads" when call-activiti has more than one instances.

1- if I remove serviceTask1: async-continuation (multithreading) works as expected where each instance of call-activiti is executed is a separate thread2
2- if I insert a wait state (eg receive task) "before" call-activiti such as: start -> serviceTask1 -> receiveTask -> loop Call-Activiti -> end    ===> async-continuation (multithreading) works as expected

Now, I cannot use the first workaround.
For the second workaround, is there a way to automatically add a wait state e.g. receiveTask + signal in front of a call-activiti? Can I achieve this, for example, using custom Bpmn parser or using listener?

Thoughts, comments appreciated.