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Error starting camunda fox in community version

Question asked by zeon on Aug 13, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 16, 2012 by bernd.ruecker
Hi activiti community,

I am urgently needing camunda fox running for studies purposes. I have a rather basic problem with the tool, I hope you let me get away posting in this forum, since I didn't find an user support specifically for camunda fox in the community edition.

So, first question, does someone know of a fox-specific user support forum/FB group or something like this? If there is, I will put my problem there.

My problem concerns the installation of camunda fox. I try to get camunda fox version 1.26.0 running on a Win Server 2008 R2. After having extracted the zip file on the server, I switch to the prompt console (Win-> Start -> in prompt console) and switch to the directory where I extracted the zip file. Further navigating to the "\fox-platform[…]\server\jboss-as[…]\bin".There, I start the standalone.bat. At this point, I receive different reactions on three Windows systems.

On the aforementioned Win Server, in the Power Shell, there appears a message stating that "the command standalone.bat was not found, yet it is exisiting in the current place". I am recommended to try ".\standalone.bat" instead. Doing this, the system tells me that BOSS_HOME (referring to the JBoss-Server) may point to a different location and problems may occur. Nothing happens then.

On Windows 7 and Win XP, always the "standalone.conf.bat" instead of the standalone.bat ist supposedly called, again with no reaction.

I suspect that this problem may be based on a Java error, because without Java installed, the prompt windows tells me after the "standalone" excution that the JAVA variables are not set but a lot of initialation infos are there in the prompt console.

I reinstalled Java on all three machines in different versions and I think I'm setting the OS variables right, but the problem still persists.

Can anyone at least tell me where (Windows configuration, Java installation…) the problem may supposedly lie?

Thanks in advance