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ServiceTask's FieldExtensions Not Saving After Reorder

Question asked by littletaffer on Aug 14, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 15, 2012 by littletaffer
I have a service task component inside a simple workflow and I have already created an amount of field extensions. The first time I saved the workflow diagram, it is saving properly.

I noticed that after reordering (i.e, I moved the element from position 5 to position 7), the diagram does not save at all. On checking the time stamp of the workflow file and the bpmn.xml files, the latter's timestamp has been adjusted while the former does not.
As a workaround, I had to edit the former and moved the position up or down, saving it, then refreshing the workflow diagram. Another workaround would be to rename the field name with another name.

Upon some analysis, I ruled out BPMNExportMarshaller and its subsequent files as they are not related to this problem.

I suspected that it could be the Eclipse GEF that gives the problem. Any solutions to this?