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specifying candidateGroups on runtime by process variable

Question asked by m.olivier on Aug 17, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 20, 2012 by m.olivier
Hi all,

Im trying to set candidateGroups to a task on runtime using processVariables.

I have something like this on my bpm file :

<userTask id="myTask" activiti:candidateGroups="${myGroups}"></userTask>

myGroups is a String of group ids separated by coma.

String myGroups = "group1, group2"

When running my application the table act_ru_identitylink is filled with a single line

"1";1;"groupe1, groupe2";"candidate";"";"1"

instead of 2 distincts lines like expected (one for each group).

running the same test works well with the task :

<userTask id="myTask" activiti:candidateGroups="group1, group2"></userTask>

How can I specify that this string (${myGroups}) represent a list of groups and not a single group ?

Im using activiti 5.9.