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Deploying .bpmn file instead of .bpmn20 + deployment prep

Question asked by jjfutt on Aug 17, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 20, 2012 by naag

My questions are based on as things are currently documented on the Activiti Documentation page, and how things are working in version 5.9. My two questions are deployment related. In version 5.9, after creating the .bpmn file in Eclipse, we have to run the Eclipse plugin command "Create Deployment Artifacts" that produces the 'tempbar' and 'deployment' folders in the project with deployment artifacts in it (.bar, and .bpmn20.xml file)

Question 1: As we roll out the Eclipse-Activiti Studio to our developers, we want to expose them to only the bpmn files. We want them to check their projects into version control, and allow a central process to download the artifacts, PROGRAMMATICALLY create deployment artifacts from it, and then deploy that to execution engine. Is there a way to run the "Create Deployment Artifacts" outside of the Eclipse environment? Would you recommend us to reverse engineer what Eclipse plugin does and implement it outside of Eclipse?

Question 2: For simpler processes, that only have .bpmn definitions, do we even hav to create deployment artifacts. Can we directly deploy .bpmn file to the engine? Is this  a feature that is being enabled in version 5.10 or beyond?