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ExecutionListener in the designer for the start event ???

Question asked by deepak.singhvi on Aug 21, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 22, 2012 by deepak.singhvi
What am i doing: Trying to set the ExecutionListener in the start event, same as we associate TaskListener for the usertask.
Problem: Not able to set the ExecutionListener in the designer for start event.

Work around is possible when i added executionlistener directly in the xml file and it worked for me.
<process id="MyInputProcess" name="MyInputProcess">
      <activiti:executionListener class="com.test.taskListener.MyInputProcessExecutionListener" event="start" />
      <activiti:executionListener class="com.test.taskListener.MyInputProcessExecutionListener" event="end" />

Q1. Is it going to be corrected in the next designer builds?
Q2. When the next version of designer is going to be released?

Deepak  :D