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how to define/set result variable from usertask?

Question asked by deepak.singhvi on Aug 23, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2012 by frederikheremans1
) In case i want to take out some of the variable out of all the variables passed at the time of process start, how to do it in the
in usertask.

What exactly i am looking for:

start -> task1 -> task2 (custom form) -> stop

passing a variable at the time of starting the process, lets say myvariable.
myvariable contains elements/keys like "a","b","c","d" and their respective values.

based on some business requirement i want to pass only "a" and "b" to the task2, so that same can be used in the form, which is a custom form. how to achive this. I could get these values in the description but how to set a new variable in the designer, again their type is Object.

b) where can i specify new variable through usertask.

c) How to update process variable using usertask, before the task gets completed. (i do not need listener/form to update the value).
Can this be done directly in the designer ?

how did i achieve this: I used  start -> task1 -> task1servicetask -> task2(custom form) -> task2servicetask -> stop

from the analyst point of view also i had to do more coding for service task creation and setting the result.
if the same can be achieve using the assignment operator, etc that its would be nice, the same way its there in WPS (BPEL). :idea:

Deepak  :)