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How to programatically refer custom node jars in user lib ?

Question asked by aparneshgaurav on Aug 23, 2012

Following is my problem statement :

1. How can i programatically make the user ( libraries -> ACTIVITI DESIGNER EXTENSIONS) refer to the custom node jars ?

To explain more on my question , what we manually do is that we go to user libraries - ACTIVITI DESIGNER EXTENSIONS and browse and refer to our custom node jars ( example acme money node ) . The same thing i want to do programatically ie. when i right click the org.activiti.designer.eclipse in the activiti designer source code as an eclipse application , the acme money node should appear as  a pallete entry in the activiti diagrams.

Following are the changes in the code that i have done :

IClasspathContainer userLibraryContainer = JavaCore
                .getClasspathContainer(new Path(DESIGNER_EXTENSIONS_USER_LIB_PATH), javaProject);
Thus  , i created a class that implements IClasspathContainer and overrided the method : getClassPathEntries() to look up the custom node jars and return the classpathentries.

Following is the exception that i have got :

*.jar is not on project's build path .

Am i heading in the correct way as my target is that the user should get the custom nodes directly in the pallette when the designer source code of activiti is run as an eclipse application ? Suggestions + help seeked.