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Check if task is first task

Question asked by cookie-exploit on Aug 28, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2012 by frederikheremans1
Hello Guys,

another question from me. Is it possible to check if some task is the first task (the task right after the start task), because if you create a process then you automatically go to the second task and this is the first task you can you can query, so i want to know if this is the "first" or if you prefer to call it the "second" task. But I want an independent way, getting the name of the task or something like that is would be really bad, because then I can only use it for one process definition or have to gave the "first" task always the same id or so.

I hope you understand my problem, if not then you are free to ask me and it would be great if you can help me with this problem. :)

Greets cookie-exploit