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best way to step back in a process

Question asked by tbee on Aug 28, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2012 by tbee
The workflow I need resembles a "wizard"; it has a number of discrete steps, where a following step can only be made if certain conditions are met. But it is possible to return to a previous step. I was wondering was the best way is to implement this. Suppose that a workflow is at a task "C" and it should return to task "A" (skipping "B"), how to best model / implement this?

I can image using a "goto" process variable which is set to "A" and have reversing flows (on all nodes that allow reversing) check this variable in their conditions: if goto is set but not equal to my name, follow the flow back. But I would need to erase this variable once the destination node is reached, otherwise it would keep looping.

Any suggestions?