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Evaluation Activiti for Work Flow solution

Question asked by jasminindia on Sep 4, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 4, 2012 by jasminindia
Hi ,

We are evaluating activity as workflow solution. I can't find below answers any where hence posted here. Please guide to appropriate URL in case it is not correct one?

Replication : Is replication supported with various nodes? How process and Jobs can be replcated with different servers?
Load balance and Fail Over : How Fail over can be handled?
Enterprise Support : Is there any paid Enterprise support provided?
Cloud : Any number of number nodes supported? any restriction?
Reporting: Is it ptovide customization reporting? jBPM provide BIRT reporting feature?
In house SSO Integration : We have CAS sso in place is there any way we can integrate activit with existing SSO?

I find activiti simple to implement.
We are evaluating activity with jBPM and there are lots of posts online. but none of them provide clear benefits over jBPM. appreciated if i get that information.