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Database schema version mismatch with demo files

Question asked by nickvargish on Sep 6, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 7, 2015 by jbarrez

Sorry if this is a newbie issue that has already been answered, I tried to search on my own and couldn't find anything that really helped. I'm trying to work my way through the examples in the book. When I get to section 1.4.2, "Implementing a simple book order process" and try to run the JUnit test, I get this hard failure:

SEVERE: Error while closing command context
org.activiti.engine.ActivitiWrongDbException: version mismatch: activiti library version is '5.9', db version is 5.10 Hint: Set <property name="databaseSchemaUpdate" to value="true" or value="create-drop" (use create-drop for testing only!) in bean processEngineConfiguration in activiti.cfg.xml for automatic schema creation

In the bpmn-examples project I set the "databaseSchemaUpdate" property to "true" in the activiti.cfg.xml, but I am still seeing this error.

The only version I have ever downloaded is 5.10, so I'm not sure where the 5.9 library is coming from, unless the version was not updated in the source package?

Activiti explorer is running, and I can query the database and see that the schema version is set to 5.10. I do not know how to manually set it to 5.9 (just to see if it works), since I'm not familiar with the H2 database – is there a command-line interface that I can use to issue "UPDATE" commands?

Again, sorry for the newbie questions. I'm not only new to Activiti, but I'm learning my way around Eclipse and Java at the same time… Thanks for any pointers you can provide that will get me back on track.