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Can Activiti help with my simple business problem?

Question asked by robpod on Sep 10, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2012 by p4w3l
Hi,  Although I'm a developer, I'm finding it quite hard to work out whether Activiti can help with my client's business problem by reading the documentation.  I'd be grateful if someone could advise me.

My client needs to fill in lots of forms (digitally).  Each form may need to be passed from person to person.  When one person finishes their part, the next person in the chain need to get informed and must receive the form ready for them to do their part.  When they have finished they need to submit to the next person in the chain etc.  The final step is often an approval (perhaps with a digital signature).

Sometimes, an initialising activity (again accompanied by a form) may spawn off severel parallel business threads each of which would be as described above and each of which needs to complete in order that the aforementioned initialising activity is completed.

My client sometimes wants to prescribe these workflows (e.g. stating the specific people in the steps).  Sometimes, my client wishes to let workflows 'evolve' by allowing, for example, individuals to send a form to anyone they wish.

Can Activiti help with the above?