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I can't 'Create Deployment Artifacts' occationally.

Question asked by goto_tony on Sep 11, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2012 by trademak
Dear all:
       I am newbie to Activiti 5.10. I've install the "Activiti Designer" plugin for Eclipse Java EE IDE and succesuflly open the "Activiti" perspective for creating Activiti Diagram.
       I can successfully view the "Create Deployment Artifacts" menu item under "Package Explorer" and run it succesffully to get .bar file. But some times it is weird that I find nothing in "Deployment" folder and there is no error happened at all after my click on "Create Deployment Artifacts". I am sure the diagram, the workstation and eclipse is fine.
       Even I've tried several times, it is same result so that I can't get the exported .bar file. Is there somebody else happen to such scenario?
       Thanks for reply.