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problem by import the bpmn-examples project

Question asked by tomi87 on Sep 20, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2012 by trademak
Hello everybody,
I start to work with the book "Activiti in Action". I'm right now at the chapter "1.4.1 Say hello to Activiti".
My Problem is that eclipse don't show me that my project is an Java project.

I created a new Java project.
Then I downloaded the "ActivitiInAction_sourcecode".
If I imported it as a file system in my new java project, then there are many package files. And I think this is wrong.
If I choose "import existing projects into workspace", then my folder woudn't a java project.

Further the book told me:
"When you import the bpmn-examples project (used in this chapter), the Activiti libraries have to be added to the Java build path."
But there isn't a Java build path anymore.

Another thing what the book told me:
"Activate the Maven project capabilities by choosing the Configure–Convert to Maven Project option in the project menu when you right-click on the bpmn-examples project in Eclipse."
If I choose the "Configure" there is only "convert to plugin projects".

And my big question for this is: Which way should I used that I can use JUnit and make some Test?

I'm using Eclipse Indigo, I downloaded the source code from, I use the activiti-5.10 version, my JDK version is jdk1.7.0_06.

I hope you can help me soon.
Sorry for my bad english.
And sorry If this question already exists, but I couldn't found it.