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Evaluation of Activiti

Question asked by larsson7 on Sep 20, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2012 by jbarrez
Hello all!!

Today, i start an internship and i have to evaluate the two workflow tools, "Kaleo" and "Activiti". At the end of the evaluation, one of these tools should be integrated in Liferay. Now i have some questions about Activiti and i hope you can help me becasue it is the first time i work with this tool.  :) 

With the Activiti Designer, i can create my workflows, translate them in XML and finally i can integrate this XML file in Liferay.
First of all, which activities can be acquired in a workflow? Can i shape more than create, retrieve, update or delete?
Activiti allows me to write code in JavaScript so i can shape every task, or?

The second question is about the data fields. Which data fields can be evaluated by the activiti engine?
The last question is about transitions between different tasks. Can i automate these transitions so that some processes proceed automatically?

Thanks for all your help, i hope to understand the main functions of activiti very soon.

Best regards,