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Some basic questions related to eclipse designer

Question asked by shukla.raghav on Sep 23, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2013 by trademak
Question 1
When we say ${myBean.myProperty} or #{printer.printMessage()} in an expression, Do we mean myBean and printer are spring beans. I mean, is it the the use of expressions like above are only limited to use of Activiti with spring?

And even if these are JUEL expresions, where are "myBean" and "printer" mapped to the classes they belong to?

Question 2
What is the purpose of defining the form properties through eclipse designer when it does not generate the form automatically? I added form properties to the a start event form thinking it might generate a form automatically but nothing happened. I am confused , if we have to eventually create the a .form file then what is the point of having form properties in eclipse designer ?

Question 3
What is the purpose of the following form properties shown in eclipse desinger
a. Expression : Does this map the form elements to a java bean ?
b. Variable : How is variable used ?
c. Pattern : How is pattern used ?

Do we have a resource for eclipse designer