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New installation on MAC

Question asked by fasolasa on Sep 30, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 10, 2012 by fasolasa
Hello Activiti "support"

I am looking for a BPM (Workflow) tool and came on to your site.
Looks very interesting and the vision too specialy going for the standard BPMN2.0

I do use a MAC since a long time but not on the command line.

My question now, is there a "package.dmg" which does the complete installation where only some parameters need to be given ?
Or is there a step by step installation guide available ?
Download/install Apache then download/install -n software that makes it allready complicated and turned off a bit my anticipation when found out about this BPM tool.

I assume if its available as one package which includes allready the other needed packages then more users would download/use it (user friendly).
Now its more for users which are deeper in the matter.

Best regards,