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Development of Activiti Modeler on the Roadmap?

Question asked by rbrady on Sep 27, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2012 by rbrady
This forum seems to be the best place for this post.

Does anybody know if development or support of the Activiti Modeler based on the Signavio google code project is on the Activiti roadmap for the near future?

The Activiti User Guide and Activiti Components page highlight the Activiti Modeler based on Signavio Core components for web app embedded BPMN process modeling.  However, the google project by Signavio that provides the functionality states that since 2011 the project has been deprecated. 

I'm working on a project where an embedded web app BPMN process modeler is an important feature.  I don't want to build or extend an integration design based on dead code from 2011.

If there is no planned support or upgrade with the Signavio modeler code base, then does anybody have a recommendation for a similar featured modeler web app is extensible and can integrate well with Activiti?

Thanks in advance.