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Behavior of process when has throw exceptions

Question asked by nandoztx on Sep 28, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 20, 2016 by jbarrez
Is it correct to drop all process data (historic, runtime data), on exception occurrency, it's agreed with the BPM model?
If a process not have a userTask or boundaryEvent, the last commit have not exists, so when rolled back, the process would never have existed.



   If has an exception in serviceTask2 is right wich all data must be rollback?

serviceTask1 has a webservice communication or RPC call.
A exception will throw in serviceTask2, so all data in serviceTask2 and serviceTask1will be rollback.
All business rule in serviceTask1 will not rolled back, cause its not a database transaction, but a external service.
When this process will rollback, any exception will be catched cause all process data has rolled back to last commit in userTask or boundaryEvent or not have a last commit if it's a new process (in this sample, no process historic or register will be persisted);

Thank's in advance.