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Audit logging. History for eventBasedGateway, signals, etc.

Question asked by iam on Oct 5, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 9, 2012 by iam
  public void parseEventBasedGateway(Element eventBasedGwElement, ScopeImpl scope, ActivityImpl activity) {
    // TODO: Shall we add audit logging here as well?
   public void parseBoundaryEvent(Element boundaryEventElement, ScopeImpl scopeElement, ActivityImpl activity) {
    // TODO: Add to audit logging? Discuss
Lets discuss :D

I have a solution for high lighting workflow path (sequence flows) (ACT-1353).
I get activities from the history and want to highlight all sequenceFlows between thi activities.
But there is no records in the history about evetBasedGateway, signals and etc.
For example, i have two intermediateCatchingEvent after eventBasedGateway. And from this trivial process I want to understand by history which element caught the signal.
But now I cann't. Sad.