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Implementing BpmnParseListener

Question asked by asim on Oct 19, 2012
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I will be grateful if someone could help me regarding the following:

I am trying to create a simple example where the Activiti generates all the events for the deployed process. Taking inspiration from the HistoryParseListener, I am implementing the BpmnParseListener class in my example. I am struggling to fully understand the implementation of the HistoryParseListene class. Normally, we have inject the execution listeners within the process to generate the events i.e. start and end events of a process. But, to make it generic and to capture all the events, I am implementing the BpmnParseListener class. The problem is that I don't know how to hook my custom listeners class to the process or how a process would use my custom listeners class to generate events. Do I need to specify any configuration settings with in the BPMN file to recognize my customer listeners class or what should I put in spring configuration file to achieve that.

I would really appreciate any help/advise/example

many thanks