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Question asked by dognose on Oct 22, 2012
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I noticed the Class "TaskDefinition", but as far as I can see, there is no Service that can give me an List of TaskDefinitions based on a processKey / Instance ID ?
I need to determine - Once the process is started - What Tasks will be available at all Times. (Need to receive all candidateUsernames in Order to send an Email.)

How do I do this?

I only spotted options to receive the Process as a PNG, a XML or as a DiagramLayout, but not a simple TaskDefinitionList.


Some Posts bellow, i found this:

ProcessDefinitionEntity processDefinition = (ProcessDefinitionEntity) ((RepositoryServiceImpl) repositoryService).getDeployedProcessDefinition(processDefinitionId);

if (processDefinition != null) {
    for (ActivityImpl activity : processDefinition.getActivities()) {
      String type = (String) activity.getProperty("type");
      // …

but ProcessDefinitionEntity is NOT in the API, as well getActivities() is not a Member of processDefinition.
So i assume, these are Classes (like TaskDefinition) that are used by activii, but not part of the (public) API
and therefore may change at anytime?

Any Chance, that there will be a public API to such a thing in the near future?

(Don't want to use internal classes as they may be changed / removed or renamed from release to release)