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Upgrade Acitvitii Designer to 'nightly build'

Question asked by mmaker1234 on Oct 22, 2012
Hello Activiti Designer developers,

I have installed Activiti Designer 5.9.3 on Eclipse Juno. Unfortunately currently I desperately need the patch for ACT-1292. I decided to download the Designer sources and to build it (a "nightly build"). The
mvn install
command generated file. I tried to extract the content of "features" and "plugins" directories from the .zip file to the corresponding Eclipse directories but on the start of Eclipse I observe the following list of errors:
Unable to find Action Set:
Unable to find Action Set: org.eclipse.acceleo.ide.ui.editors.template.actionSet
Unable to find Action Set: fr.obeo.traceability.ui.TraceabilityActionSet
Unable to find Action Set: fr.obeo.oo15oo.oo19oo.oo221oo.oo63oo
Keybinding conflicts occurred.  They may interfere with normal accelerator operation.
Unable to find feature.xml in directory: C:\eclipse\features\org.eclipse.graphiti.feature_0.9.0.v20120613-0805.jar
Unable to find feature.xml in directory: C:\eclipse\features\org.activiti.designer.feature_5.10.0.jar
and the palette still does not offer MessageStartEvent, i.e. still version 5.9.3 is active instead of 5.10.

Please advise how to upgrade the installed Activiti Designer (5.9.3) to the distribution built from latest Designer sources.