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showing error-messages in explorer

Question asked by pajo on Oct 23, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 24, 2012 by pajo
If a mandatory input field in a user task has been left blank when a user tries to complete the task a little red symbol appears on the complete-button, and when mouse is over the button a nice little message is shown to the user. I like this behavior and have the following question:

Let's say that I have a process containing two tasks, one user task and one script-task. After the user task is completed the script task will be executed. Is there any way I can generate anything in my script task that will result in the same kind of red-symbol behavior in the user task? I mean, if an exception is being thrown in my script the red-symbol will appear, but when mouse is over complete-button a giant stack-trace will be shown instead of nice little  message. I want the nice little message…what to do/throw?