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Using Liferay for an already developed project

Question asked by nitesh.apte on Oct 31, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2012 by jbarrez
Hi all,

I don't know if I am posting this question in the right place. If I am then extremely sorry. Guide me to post in right place. I have already posted in Liferay forum but still no reply!

First of all, let me tell you what I am or my company is intended to do. We have already developed a project using Java, JSP and Servlet. We want it to integrate with Liferay so that we can change logo, css, images, themes or any other UI related component at run time using Liferay admin panel. But backend should be what we have developed. In short, UI of our project is controlled by Liferay but control of data displayed on UI or submitted from UI should be from our developed backend code.

Now I have a few questions regarding above said approach of fulfilling the requirement:-
1) What we are trying to do is possible?
2) Is this approach recommendable for what we intended to do?
3) Or do we need to develop our project from scratch to fit into Liferay? Like developing portlets and deploying in Liferay or other approach that has been given in Liferay documentation.
4) What about database integration? We have around 15 columns/fields in user table in database of our project which is completely different from that of Liferay's user table.

Liferay is a very new for us. We have checked the documentation section of Liferay but still few things like above said requirements and its implementation is not clear. Also, we would like to know in what scenarios/requirements Liferay is useful.

Eagerly waiting for your views. Any help will be very much appreciated.